// Delicate Jewels //

Sunday, February 16, 2014

{Photo Credit from Top to Bottom: Loren Stewart, Alexa Leigh, Sydney Evan Jewels, Lulli Sur La Toile, Jacquie Aiche}

Like so many girls out there, we LOVE to wear jewelry. For us, an outfit is incomplete without some sort of accessory added to it. Although we love bags, hats, sunglasses and belts, our favorite accessories by far are our {Delicate Jewels}. We have always been fans of chunky necklaces and statement pieces as well, but our go-to jewelry that we wear daily is made up of dainty and delicate pieces that are perfect for any occasion or outfit. There are so many amazing jewelry lines in the marketplace, but we tend to stick to a few of our favorites. These are some of our go-to labels who have perfected {Delicate Jewels} // Loren Stewart, Alexa Leigh, Shy by Sydney Evan, Ginette_NY, and Jacquie Aiche //

Loren Stewart is a jewelry line that is made in Los Angeles and sells designs that are modern yet simplistic, and therefore make the best gifts. Alexa Leigh was founded in 2010 and since then has been designing timeless and delicate pieces that make quite the statement. Shy by Syndey Evan was recently launched as the more affordable sister line to the well-known Sydney Evan brand. Shy by Sydney Evan is composed of gorgeous and delicate pieces that are just as reflective of the brand’s emphasis on personal expression and spirituality. Ginette_NY is composed of pieces that are glamorous and beautiful. Also, a lot of the Ginette_NY designs contain medallions as a way to customize/personalize each piece making the product extra special. Last but certainly not least in our eyes, Jacquie Aiche designs jewelry that is sophisticated and is made of only the best metals and stones. An added bonus is that all of the designs are handcrafted and therefore are organic and not mass-produced. We encourage you to check out all of these brands and add to your own collection of go-to timeless {Delicate Jewels}. Wear them together or wear them alone, but soon you too will ALWAYS wear at least one!


Photos by - Shaïna Ligondé Photography