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Thursday, June 12, 2014

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Photos by Shaïna Ligondé

On Ken 
Sunnies (Gucci) // Varying Lengths Sweater (Kokun) {Similar Here} // Denim Shorts (Dittos) {Similar Here} // Flats (Chanel) {Similar Here} // Bag (Balenciaga) {Similar Here} 

On Cas 
Hat (Genie by Eugenia Kim) {Similar Here} // Varying Lengths Sweater (T by Alexander Wang) {Similar Here} // Leather Pants (Paige Denim) // Flats (Chanel) {Similar Here} // Bag (Saint Laurent) {Similar Here}

We love being able to add interesting details to our looks in even the smallest way! Sometimes dressing yourself every day can get monotonous BUT if you look for items that have something that sets them apart, then it is easy to add an element of originality to your outfit. That is why we chose to focus on {Varying Lengths} for this post. We love how easy and care-free it is to add an item to your outfit that highlights something as simple as an asymmetrical hemline. The great thing about {Varying Lengths} is that it can be a detail of just one item or can be simulated by adding garments of different lengths to make up the overall look (score!) 

We both chose a simple and versatile grey sweater in order to highlight our {Varying Lengths}. Pair your asymmetrical top with summery shorts and feminine flats for an overall more laid back look like Ken (perfect for a summer evening). Or, dress up your varying lengths top with leather leggings and a hat like Cas for a night out with friends! Either way, you can't go wrong with choosing interesting items that set those pieces apart from the rest of your look. {Varying Lengths} adds a dynamic and fashion forward element to your overall look, so make sure you go out and try your own version soon! 


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