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Friday, July 11, 2014

Photos by Shaina Ligonde 

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On Ken 
Leather Jacket (DOMA) {Similar Item} // Tank Top (T2Love) {Similar Item} // Denim Shorts (Dittos) {Similar Here} // Plaid Top (Jachs) {Similar Here} // Shoes (Converse) // Bag (Chanel) {Similar Here}

On Cas
Blazer (Max Azria) {Similar Here} // Cropped Top (Reformation) {Similar Here} // Boyfriend Jeans (Paige) {Similar Here} // Shoes (Christian Louboutin) // Bag (Proenza Schouler) {Similar Here

Layers obviously make more sense in the winter. However, with the unpredictability of the weather and the versatility of the {Layered Up} look, you can pretty much get away with wearing layers year-round. You can even choose a more weather appropriate {Layered Up} outfit by choosing just the right items. For example, you can go for the more casual and summery look like Ken by choosing cut off shorts and converse as part of your layered look. Layers are great because it means that you're basically prepared for any occasion. If you are warmer, you can undress a bit (sexy) or if it is colder you can then add the layers back on! 

We love when looks are not only trendy but practical as well. For the winter months, it is easier to commit to the {Layered Up} look by adding more items to your outfit. However, committing to the layered look doesn't mean that you have to overdo it by adding more garments. For example, you can still go for the layered look by adding a simple yet classic blazer/jacket to your overall outfit (like Cas). By adding a jacket over a cropped top like Cas you also help make the {Layered Up} look seem a bit more obvious. In essence, just by adding one extra layer you are already partaking in layering up. Layering looks is one of our favorite go-to trends because it is easy, effortless, and practical - so you can't really go wrong (major score)! Don't you lovelies agree? 


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