// Bargain Babe - Fall Edition //

Friday, September 19, 2014

We have Fall on our minds for sure. Although we love our summery outfits and the warm weather, it is hard not to get excited about Fall. We are huge fans of everything that fall fashion has to offer, like leather, sweater dresses, jackets, boots, and dark colored hues! Since Fall clothing tends to be bulkier and made of more expensive fabrics (cashmere, leather, suede, wool, etc) then it also tends to be pricier. However, there are so many great Fall bargain options out there that we are just in love with. These bargain pieces will be just as note worthy as the pricier items but they won't break the bank (major score)! Hope you love some of our fav under $100 Fall fashion essentials below. Yay for Fall and please share with us any of your go-to Fall fashion finds!

X,  Ken&Cas

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