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Friday, May 8, 2015

{Photos by: Shaina Ligonde}

On Ken 
Silk Top (Lavender Brown) {Similar Here} // Sweater (Soft Joie) {Similar Here} // Jeans (Mother) {Similar Here} // Boots (Fiorentini + Baker) // Bag (Chloé)  

On Cas 
Hat (Vintage) {Similar Here} // Silk Top (Lavender Brown) {Similar Here} // Shorts (Twenty8Twelve) {Similar Here} // Shoes (Espadrillestore.com) {Similar Here}

We always like to play with different textiles in order to add a bit of detail to our outfits. It's nice to stick to cotton and denim most of the time, but including other fabrics like silk is important as well. Most of the time, people think that if you are wearing silk, you are getting dressed up (visions of long gowns or slip dresses tend to come to mind). However, silk can be just as casual as any other fabric! 

Try out a lady-like silk blouse and pair it with other pieces that are a bit more dressed down in order to create a day-to-day outfit that doesn't look too put together. We suggest adding a straw hat and trendy shorts like Cas, or combining a chunky sweater with ripped jeans like Ken! In order to keep your overall look down-to-earth make sure that you don't pair your silk piece with other fancy items. Instead go for that uber-casual look and in turn your silk item will be the focal point of your outfit. Not only are {Silk Tops} gorgeous and soft, but they are also eye-catching (trust us!) 


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