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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hello Loves! 

We have decided to expand our blog and incorporate tidbits about interior design and architecture. We love making our homes beautiful and we love seeing how others decorate their abodes as well. We all spend so much time at home, that we find it important to feature some of the aesthetics, designs, and overall architectural looks that inspire us. By scouring the web and uploading apps like Houzz & Pinterest, we both have taken inspiration from others to ensure that our homes are furnished & designed to our liking. It is always so exciting to redecorate or even change things around a bit. We love a ton of different types of architecture, so every now and then we will share with you what we are lusting after.

Maybe it is the impending winter months, but we have been thinking a lot about {Rustic + MODERN} architectural masterpieces. We love the wood-beam ceilings, the usage of varying warm materials such as stone, rustic wood, brick, and granite. We love how the following homes are sleek & contemporary BUT still super cozy because of the rustic elements. We are definitely thinking that this look would be great for a mountain house (we can dream). Let us know your thoughts on this modern yet comfy and cozy design look!



{Loving the: Flat Roof & Wood/Brick Detailing}

{Loving the: Stone & Metal Fireplace}

{Loving the: Different Woods and Minimalist Furniture}

{Loving the: Granite Sink Contrast with the Rustic Wood}

{Loving the: Wood Beams and White-Wash Ceiling}

{Loving the: Cement "Gate" and Boxy Wood Structure}

{Loving the: Retro Stone Fireplace and Big Windows}

{Loving the: Contrasting Woods of the Back Wall and Floor}

{Loving the: Huge Tub, Cement Floor, and Cabin-like Decorations}

 {Loving the: Rustic Wood + White Exterior = Dream House}

{Loving the: Sleek Wood Ceiling and Big Windows} 

{Loving the: Dark Wood Floor Contrast with the Rustic Window Outline}

{Loving the: Rustic Wood Countertop and Otherwise Minimalist White Bathroom}

{Loving the: Rustic Beams = Heavenly}

{Loving the: Log Detailing Along with the Light/Dark Cabinetry & Counters}

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