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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hello Lovelies! 

It is that time again ~ time for another interior design and architecture post! These days we have been thinking a lot about simple structures with a splash of boldness & color that still advocate easy living. Yes, you are right - this can only mean we are talking about {MidCentury + RANCH} style architectural masterpieces. We love a ton of things that came out of the 50's and 60's but mostly we love the midcentury architecture that seems to have seen a resurgence in the last few years. Although most people focus on midcentury modern, we do really love the midcentury aspects of interior design coupled with the easy-going ranch style (you find a lot of these houses out here in sunny Los Angeles). We love the natural materials, bold patterns, colorful accents, and seamless indoor & outdoor living flow that the traditional midcentury style highlights. While at the same time, we are partial to the single story, exposed beams, long rooflines, and overall casual feel of ranch houses. Fuse the two styles together and you get exactly what we are lusting after these days! Let us know if you agree. 


{Loving the: Whitewash structure and long roofline}

{Loving the: Colors, modern furniture and simplicity} 

{Loving the: Colorful rug and matching stools} 

{Loving the: Exposed brick and ranch style roof} 

{Loving the: Perfect combination of modern furniture with the wood ceiling}

{Loving the: Colored glass wall that helps the room pop} 

{Loving the: Open garage, red door and single story style} 

{Loving the: Midcentury furniture and easy indoor/outdoor living}

{Loving the: Pop of colors and exposed beams} 

{Loving the: Indoor/outdoor feel of the bathroom} 

{Loving the: Vaulted a-line roof and ranch style coloring} 

{Loving the: Exposed stone wall, midcentury furniture, and wood detailing} 

{Loving the: Simplicity of the white kitchen coupled with pops of color} 

{Loving the: Blue glass tiles and minimalist counter/sink style} 

{Loving the: Wall of windows and overhang} 

{Loving the: Fireplace and natural light from the indoor/outdoor living space}

{Loving the: Wood beams that contrast with the white ceiling} 

{Loving the: Midcentury style counter with modern touches} 

{Loving the: Ranch style furniture and sliding glass doors}

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