// Seeing RED //

Sunday, December 27, 2015

{Photos By Shaina Ligonde}

On Ken
Skirt (Doma Leather) // Tank (Daftbird) // Jacket (Gentle Fawn) // Boots (Rag&Bone) // Bag (Saint Laurent)

On Cas
Dress (Reformation) // Sunglasses (RayBan) // Bag (Chanel) // Shoes (Converse)

The holidays are all about red BUT is doesn't have to be that color you only wear in December.  When we are previewing seasons to come bright reds are a staple in most lines no matter if they are showing Spring, Summer Fall or Winter.  The hues may change slightly seasonly but in general it is a great color to own for wearing throughout the year.  It is best to choose a smaller item when going with a bright color like red.  Either a fun leather skirt like Ken or mini dress like Cas.  Either look can be layered with jackets or scarves as need be in the chillier months.  We are in love with this charcoal Gentle Fawn jacket (we own it in multiple colors) because it is soft and versatile!  You can buy it HERE. Enjoy the rest of your holidays and {Seeing RED} in you closets.


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