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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hi lovelies!

IT'S ALMOST SUMMER-TIME and we can't wait! We have it pretty good here in Sunny California all year-round but we still get super excited when the even warmer months are on the horizon. One of the things we love about Summer are all the fun accessories - like SUNGLASSES. We have been scouting sites and stores for fun new sunglass brands that will keep you shaded and lookin' good during your beach excursions and sunny outings. We have been gravitating towards retro sunnies lately that have unique features and colored lenses, but we are still suckers for more classic lenses too. Making sure that you have a few pairs of sunnies in your possession is always a good idea - we suggest a classic option as well as a fun/unique pair. That way, you know you are completely covered regardless of the occasion or the look you are going for!

Here are the brands we have been lusting after recently (we also highlight a few of our fav pairs from each brand below). Enjoy!


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