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Monday, April 18, 2016

{Photos: Shaina Ligonde}

On Ken 
Sunnies (Krewe du Optic) // Sweater (Kokun) {Similar Here} // Leather Skirt (DOMA) {Similar Here} // Bag (Chloé) // Shoes (Rag & Bone) 

On Cas
Turtleneck (Splendid) // Jeans (Rag & Bone) {Similar Here} // Belt (Vintage) {Similar Here} // Shoes (Joie) {Similar Here} // Bag (Gucci Vintage) {Similar Here}

I am sure we have talked about this before, but here it goes again - we love the color black! It is Cas's go-to color for most outfits (if you haven't already noticed), and Ken is a huge fan as well. What we love about an all-black outfit is that it is {Crisp + Classic}. Black pieces can be elegant or casual, trendy or classic. Black outfits are slimming which is an added bonus, and black pretty much goes with anything so you can always have your go-to favorite black pieces (like tanks, shoes, accessories, etc) and pair them with any outfit. 

A little black dress for example can be your go-to for any fancy occasion, and you don't have to worry about being under dressed or over dressed because you will usually always be right on-point. Another bonus of an all-black outfit is that you can pair it with fun colored or eye-catching accessories and it won't look too bold or outrageous, instead your overall look will be well-balanced. There are endless outfit options when choosing an all-black outfit so we say just have fun with it and you can't really go wrong. 



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