// Calling All NAVY //

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

{Photos by: Shaina Ligonde}

On Ken
Leather Jacket (DOMA) // Navy Cami (Chaser) // Belt (Gucci) // Jeans (Mother) // Boots (Rag & Bone) // Bag (Saint Laurent)

On Cas 
Jacket (Gap) // Navy Dress (Kokoon) // Bag (Givenchy) // Shoes (Converse)

NAVY is without a doubt one of our favorite colors to wear. We do gravitate towards black and white a lot (black for Cas, and white for Ken) but navy is just one of those colors that you can't really go wrong with. A lot of people think you can't mix navy with a lot of colors, but it is actually super versatile. It's a nice color to throw in your outfit when you are sick of wearing black or just want a change - the dark variation allows you to pair it with both darker or lighter options. Pairing navy with black used to be frowned upon, but that combo is actually one of our favorites. Which is why Ken chose to pair those two colors in such a fun way - with a navy cami and a black leather jacket. We love that look! Cas actually paired her navy dress with a light denim jacket and a blush bag for a more casual look. Navy items actually go with a ton of other items - we actually dare you to find a color that it doesn't really go well with (it is hard)!


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