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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

{Photos by: Shaina Ligonde}

On Cas 
Vintage Sweater (Hermes) {Similar Here} // Jeans (Mother) // Shoes (Gucci) {Similar Here} // Bag (Chloé)

On Ken 
Jacket (DOMA) {Similar Here} // Tee (Chaser) // Leather Pants (Current Elliot) // Shoes (Golden Goose) // Bag (Chanel) {Similar Here} // Vintage Scarf (Chanel) {Similar Here}

We have always been big fans of vintage designer goods! Any time our moms have wanted to do away with one of their previously prized possessions (like a classic and yummy Hermes Sweater, a gently loved Ferragamo skinny belt, or a colorful Chanel scarf), we are the first to step in line and claim those beauties for ourselves. We also love shopping at places like Decades in West Hollywood where you can find gorgeous designer goodies that have at times never even be used! Another awesome place to score some vintage goodies is at flea markets (our fav is the one held the 2nd Sunday of every month at the Rose Bowl).

You have to be careful when shopping online for vintage items because authenticity is always a question mark. So, we usually recommend to shop on sites that are well known like Shopbop or Farfetch that also happen to sell vintage items at times so that you can be confident in the item you are purchasing. Or to make it easier, go to a physical store, like Decades, that has a good reputation OR if you are lucky enough to shop in your mom's closets then we say go for that. We generally love to go for classic vintage items because then you know they will stand the test of time. The most important thing to remember when shopping vintage is to just have fun, and although we generally stick to timeless pieces, it is fun to sometimes go out of your comfort zone. So, ENJOY!


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