// Lovin' Levi's //

Sunday, July 30, 2017

We are ALL about Levi's these days!  Not only because they have mastered their washes, fit and silhouettes but also because they are very affordable!  We were timid to jump on the rigid denim train because we LOVE our bottoms to have stretch (what girl likes a muffin top?) but we kept vying over the old school wedgie fit and finally took the plunge and bought some.  Well let us tell you, coming from two girls who are built very different, we BOTH love them!  From the shorts, to the jeans, even the skirts, this brand is what it is all about these days!  Trust us and try Levi's out.  If you already have, and are fans, well lucky for you we have picked all our favorites offered by the brand right now!  Shop below.


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