// Target Got Us Like... //

Monday, October 30, 2017

Seeing that we are both mommies we are VERY familiar with the beauty that is Target.  Although we tend to beeline for the baby aisle or sometimes the crafts aisle to entertain the nuggets while wandering the store, we generally have not had the time to wander the clothing section.  Well imagine our excitement when we found the most yummy and affordable chunky sweaters!  It has finally cooled off in LA so we can not get enough cozy pieces to strut around in.  If you are looking to try a fun beanie in a bright mustard or buy a chenille item that won't break the bank then we suggest next time you are doing your weekly run to Target to spend the extra 5 minutes to wander the women's floor.  ORRRR if you are on the go and rather shop online we have found our favorite items for you to shop below (including a couple styles we could not resist for ourselves).


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