// Your Closet Spring Cleaning //

Monday, May 5, 2014

This is by far the largest clothing category in our closets! One can never have too much denim so how do you sort through it? It is ok to keep at least one of each fit. Whatever is the most flattering cut on you, then keep a few. So now that you know what to keep here is what to toss. Start with any jeans that have worn out bottoms from consistently dragging, it makes them look old and unattractive. Also any denim that has rips from wearing them too often (in the inner thighs or at the back pockets) then it is also time to say farewell. Every girl is allowed a "goal" jean BUT if its been over a couple years and they still don't fit right, maybe consider just sticking to the jeans you feel fabulous in!

{Jackets & Outerwear}
Any leather or coat is a YES to rent space in your closet - it is classic and never goes out of style.  Any blazers are keepers too but make sure to nix any faded or bad fitting ones. There is no need to let an item you never wear take up precious closet space!

This is a category that most people can usually weed out. First off, any item that is peeling, has moth holes, or has shrunk from getting cleaned one too many times - then it's simply time to say sayonara! Additionally, you can feel ok parting with anything too trendy that is no longer current. Sweaters in basic colors/silhouettes are keepers as long as you have worn them at least once within the last winter season...if you went without it, it not a favorite, so no need to keep it!

{Blouses // Button Ups}
It's always good to keep a range of blouses in your closet. Feel free to get rid of anything with stains or pieces that you have tried on and taken off over and over again - you clearly don't like the fit!

This is all about fit and styling. Ask yourself two things - is it flattering? Is the silhouette too dated?  You want to look good in what you are wearing but you ALSO want to feel current. If it doesn't pass the test then say your good-byes!

If it belongs to an ex-boyfriend, is stretched out in the neck, or has shrunk into an unintentional crop top...DONATE IT!

You should always keep at least one pair of cut offs in your closet. There are so many short styles out there so make sure you weed out any that are TOO short or TOO tight. If your booty hangs out of the bottom or you get that horrible muffin effect- maybe its time to part ways with these!

If you can wear it to work, dress it up for date night AND style it for an event, you have a KEEPER! Usually skirts can be very trendy so if it is not a pencil skirt or some other timeless silhouette, think twice about leaving it hanging in your closet!

Good luck cleaning!



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