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Friday, August 8, 2014

It has definitely been a long week for both of us, so we are super excited that it is Friday! We love starting the weekend off right with our {Happy Friday} post though! We enjoy reflecting on the week and finding things (however small) that put smiles on our faces. It is so great to always make sure that you appreciate every day and enjoy it to the fullest. Hope all you lovelies have a great weekend - filled with fun, laughter, and rest!  


Ken's Week //

 This set-up at The Malibu Beach Inn is so simple yet chic! I fell in love with this antique looking box with the succulents and the rustic lantern while brunchin' this weekend. In the search to find something similar for my home I discovered an amazing website to purchase similar succulent arrangements and you can even purchase items to make one yourself: www.succulentlyurban.com  The lantern is great too and I found a similar one at Pottery Barn which you can buy HERE.

 This is my FAVORITE salad that my mom made me growing up. I have made a few changes over the years and it truly is a fan favorite when I have guests! The best part? It is SUPER healthy and you probably have all the dressing ingredients in your kitchen already! Try your own version, it's great for a light dinner or as a side to a bigger meal, plus is is very colorful which I love!

Dressing- Light Olive Oil // Balsamic Vinegar  // Garlic Salt (I love the Lawry's brand one)

Ingredients- Feta // Chopped Red Onion // Avocado // Bell Pepper (Red & Yellow) // Cucumber (I prefer large Persian type) // Cherry Tomatos

I am kinda obsessed with these adorable shoes! I saw these throughout my travels in Europe and now I know why every girl there had them! They are dressy enough to wear with a dress but are comfy enough to wear all day!  They are a good day to night staple for your closet!  You can buy there HERE.

Cas's Week // 

 Every time I pull into my garage, I see this amazing bougainvillea bush! I absolutely love the color and how the bright hue of the flowers contrasts with the blue fence. I love that this bougainvillea bush is in full bloom - it makes me truly happy every time I see it.

I am constantly looking for design inspiration for my home. I love browsing interior design magazines and I am constantly on the app Houzz. A few weeks ago I came across this super fun yet crisp Swedish site called Sealoe! They sell fashion prints and pillows that will definitely add a bit of glamour to your home. I am in love with these sofa pillows - every day I try to convince my husband that we need them (he is not as convinced as me but I am making progress). Major score - Sealoe ships worldwide so go crazy on their site! (Photo Credit: Sealoe)

Every now and then I catch myself day dreaming of our recent trip to Brazil. My family is a big fan of futbol and it is a tradition of ours to go to the World Cup every 4 years. Rio de Janeiro is a gorgeous city and we got to stay right by the famous Copacabana beach (this picture was taken from our apartment). Wishing I could go back right now!   

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