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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hopefully one of MANY installments, we are excited to post our very first {Travel Diary}!  Tracking all of our outfit details while exploring, favorite places, moments and...food (yum)! We hope you get some inspiration for becoming a wanderlust or if you are already one, where to go next!

Ken goes to ITALY...

I was VERY excited to experience Italy for the first time.  The people, the food and the Prosecco...what more could a girl ask for?  Traveling to a new place is always incredibly exciting and I realized quickly that there is just something about being in Italy that makes you feel more alive!  All I wanted to do was explore.  From the undeniably extraordinary historical sites to the endless designer stores I was on stimulus overload from the moment I stepped off the plane.  I took a ton of pictures along my journey and so enjoyed basking in the memories. Italy stole my heart and now I truly understand what they mean by that's amore!  I hope you enjoy my photos as much I enjoyed taking them!

Ken (&Cas)

On the first leg of my trip I was quickly introduced to my new best friend...Gelato!  This was by the Spanish Steps and one of the favorite flavors I had while there...Pineapple ❤ This dress was the PERFECT travel dress for hot weather and in a unique cantaloupe hue.  Available here.

I could not get enough of the delicious pastries and cappuccinos.  How cute is this 'Roma' with hearts written in chocolate?

My husband was cracking up at how distracted I would get whenever I saw a Chanel store...if anyone wants to buy me the 'Boy' bag I would not be mad at you (wink, wink)!

I learned quickly that if I combined two of my new found favorites (gelato and espresso) it makes a D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S afternoon pick me up! 

One of the my favorite sites I visited was the Pantheon.  You can get lost going down all the little pathways relishing in the beauty of the buildings and then - hello...Pantheon!  I could not believe how huge it was in person.  This bag and tennis shoes saved me in Italy!  The bag is the perfect size and the tennis shoes are SO comfy but are better than the running shoe alternative! 

The most insane cheese ravioli with truffle oil.  Yum!


I am a HUGE sucker for flowers and these bougainvillea were everywhere in the Villa Borghese Gardens...this is a must visit in Rome and a welcome scene away from all the chaos!

The beauty of the Arno River in Florence compares to no other...and then to bring a glass of wine and relish in the beauty is perfection...

I loved these old oak barrels while wine tasting in Tuscany...a MUST day trip while in Florence!

One of the delicious dessert wines we tasted at a villa in Tuscany!

I could not dream up a more beautiful background to drink wine against... I was SO appreciative of this dress from Nasty Gal....very affordable and breezy for the hot Tuscan sun.

Cantaloupe gelato is one of the more delicious, refreshing treats I have ever had!  I also did not take this Valentino bracelet off after my hubby bought it for me!

I was obsessing over straw hats before I left LA and I found this in the Florence Markets...here is a similar affordable one.

My Gucci Museum visit was an afterthought but I was so glad to have come here, plus the cafe in the museum had double G shaped sugars as a cute detail.

By far my favorite place in Florence was the Piazza de Michelangelo.  Buy a Peroni off a food truck and listen to the live talent of local singers.

The Canals in Venice...simply breathtaking.

If you love gelato enough to explore different forms, I highly suggest popsicles.  YUM!

Rosé + Venice = a happy Ken

If you visit Venice you must visit the island of Murano (the glass island).  I brought back a stunning vase for my home I will always cherish.  It is worth it just to take a boat ride and enjoy the fresh air and see a beautifully perfected trade of the Venetian people.

This lock bridge in Venice (Accademia Bridge) was by far the most beautiful.  There is something so romantic about personalizing a lock and throwing the key in the canal- I highly recommend this!

I thought this was such a gorgeous color palette.

One can never grow tired of these cobble stone paths.  This flawy sheer dress was purchased at the markets in Florence and will always mean a lot because my husband picked it out (similar here).  The color and split back is very me and it is now my favorite dress..so many memories!  Cheers!

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